Rock, Paper, Scissors (and your finances)

When you handle your finances, are you playing, Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Rock-paper-scissors chart

Rock-paper-scissors chart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s recall the game!  “Rock” beats scissors, the “scissors” beat paper and the “paper” beats rock.

Rock: When your money comes in, do you beat it into submission? Do you beat yourself up with guilt or shame? This could include shopping to make yourself feel better, attacking the bills with a vengeance, making a list of needs, wants and savings. In the game rock always wins, but please read on…

Paper: Paper can wrap around things, like the rock. Or you can drown in a sea of paper. (In the digital age, you could ignore financial emails, forget the password to your mutual fund account etc.) Same thing. Or you could be very organized and make lists (on paper, at, the free financial software from your credit union, on the fridge)

Scissors: I like scissors for this task. Scissors beats paper, and although the rock can beat up the scissors; keep the scissors handy. Scissors can cut up the paper (shredder); help you “cut out waste and fraud” to quote any political candidate; and they can help separate the important, relevant information  from the financial chaff. (worthless matter, refuse). I like to remember my friend’s advice. If you built a fence, you can certainly take it down yourself. Use the scissors to trim where needed, clip new pieces of information and practice cutting circles (as I was assigned in 3rd grade) to practice new habits.

English: Scissors, represented by the index an...

English: Scissors, represented by the index and middle fingers extended and separated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is your financial style? Are you a HENRY or a DINK, a SITCOM?

Or check your Money Personality here .

Get to know yourself, as you begin to change your money habits. It only takes six weeks to set some goals and change your behavior!


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