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Understanding Mutual Funds: More than a roll of the dice

Each month I meet people, including clients, who own mutual funds, but either aren’t sure what they are or what role they can play in their retirement planning. I blame 401(k) and 403(b) retirement funds for this. One opportunity to learn more is via my new class Mutual Funds and Merlot!

What I mean is that very often, companies of all kinds (including employers, financial services reps and the information you receive from your Benefits department leads you towards the decision tree of “We have these 20 funds for our plan – pick one now”  – and go!  By the way, you have five minutes. Whether it is five minutes or five days, sometimes; indeed many times, the information is not understood by the employee.  Despite everyone’s best efforts, employees may not understand the foundation of how mutual funds work. And without wine!

Mutual funds are more like the Monopoly houses than the dice. Photo via Flickr woodleywonderworks

Feel like the market is just a roll of the dice? Mutual funds are more like the Monopoly houses than the dice. Photo via Flickr woodleywonderworks

I’ve created an opportunity for you to spend some time with me and a glass of Merlot, in order to better absorb the information about what mutual funds are, (yes, an index fund is a type of mutual fund), how to use them, and why they can lower the risk in your portfolio (retirement or other investment account). Like wine, mutual funds are both simple and complex, full of sin-or part of daily life, global and local, and some are meant for holding a long time in your cellar (or your retirement accounts).

Please join me at my office for an after-work, pre-weekend, informative way to put some fun in mutual funds!

More information and registration is here.         

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At “Finances for Freelancers” on October 2, 2013

Dana teaching in the middle of a Happy Hour at her coworking office – Office Nomads in Seattle

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October 3, 2013 · 9:43 pm

Before You Quit Your Job-Five Factors to Consider

Want to stop working for The Wo[Man]?

Ready to strike out on your own? Push coming to Shove?

Going on sabbatical?

What are the five most important financial factors? Answers will vary, however these five are important. A conversation at my coworking space prompted this post. Another member told me of their wish to leave their day job and I began to ruminate.

As Ben Franklin might have said, the first three questions are: [are you]

  1. healthy,
  2. wealthy,
  3. and wise (human capital)?

Two factors added from the intangibles column makes five.

4. Go towards the next destination, instead of “getting out of Dodge in a hurry.”

5. Use a road map, instead of wandering aimlessly on the side of the road, trying to hitch a ride. As Lewis Carroll wrote and George Harrison sang,

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

One by one, here’s how to assess your readiness to move forward. A worksheet that I like to use with my clients can get you started on the big picture.

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