America Saves Week Begins February 25th


“WE ARE SAVING THROUGH PAYROLL SAVINGS” – NARA – 516067 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Washington state, there are multiple activities this week to help citizens “Build Wealth, Not Debt”.

From our Governor’s Office:

“Understanding that having emergency savings, retirement funds and being able to manage one’s debt are crucial to Washington residents’ personal financial security, Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed Feb. 25-March 2, 2013 Washington Saves Week.”

“The campaign theme “Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically.” is aimed at reminding consumers to utilize the automatic payroll deduction options at their place of employment to begin building an emergency fund, create a retirement fund or develop a targeted savings fund for their future.”

This ties in with my business philosophy, and using the automatic options available to you is a refrain my clients hear often. We all need a little boost to get the money in the right place, whether you call it a jar, an envelope or a savings or retirement account. In the past, many people were encouraged to use payroll savings to buy US Savings or War bonds.

Right now, your choices can include:

  • your savings account linked to a checking account,
  • a savings account at the  “First National Bank of Inconvenience” * [location varies],
  • a stock mutual fund
  • or even a charitable destination.

One well-known financial writer [and former wealth manager] David Bach trademarked the phrase “The Automatic Millionaire”.

Here is one way to begin: Set up an automatic transfer to from your paycheck to an account. It can be a savings account and the transfer can begin at $5 per paycheck. The habit is the first priority. After you have saved some emergency funds (everyone’s number is different), from $100 to $500 to a minimum of three months expenses, then you can set a new goal.

You might be surprised at how accommodating your HR department can be. One company that I work with will send funds to as many as ten different destinations on your behalf.

America Saves has programs on homeownership, surviving a financial crisis, and free tax assistance offered this week in our state. For an event near you, check this calendar.

*No disrespect for banks here, just a label created for keeping your funds in the bank or credit union.


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